This is a list compiled of supplies we suggest to get in anticipation of your new Maltese puppy. I want to make sure the introduction of a new home is as stress free as possible to a 2-3 .pounds 12 week old baby Maltese puppy.  and there is no end to spoiling them. 

Most of these  items can be purchased online at very affordable prices at on Amazon  or www.chewy' 

 Our puppies are use to being in a 24 inch high by 8 panel puppy playpen like these pictured. a 24 by 18 inch  A wire or plastic crate is perfect for a Maltese especially at bed time near your bed or for safe travel in the car. 
This is their comfort zone. Unless they are being taken out side to potty or out playing and being carefully watch by their new
 owners house..never worry about what the puppy is doing when you just can't be there in person.

Puppy Play pens are portable and provide a a safe and secure area where they can play, sleep, eat and use their potty pads with out going in the wrong place.   are good sources for 24 inch Iris  puppy pens  which come in a variety of colors.  

Food dishes should be ceramic and heavy so the puppy will not tip them over.
A large water bottle will keep the puppy and the floor dry
One of the best  piddle pads which covers the floor of this  puppy pen is   best priced at with free shipping right to your door.
 Always keep disposable /or washable Puppy Pads in view of you puppy when out of the Play pen.
A small crate with a bed in it will work for the puppy  at night up near your bed so it does not bark and  feel left alone.

Grooming begins as soon as you get your puppy home all Maltese are bathed once per month or as ofter as show dogs once per week. These are the kind of combs and brushes which work best on Maltese.

Face cleaning is done daily to keep them white . 
Fresh Face or a people eye wash  purchased at a drug store works well for this. A couple drops in each eye and wipe the corner of excess debris ~ will keep them clear and white.

We use the following Whiting and Conditioning Shampoos By Number One All - Systems.Shampoos Grooming sprays and all Maltese Bows ,Combs, Brushes can be purchased at

Our and deliveredor
Toys there can never
 be enough soft squeaky Puppy toys !
We feed and recommend Royal Canin Small Breed puppy foods. to all our Maltese.
We purchase online at for home delivery 
18x24x8 panels portable folding puppy play pen with water proof liner - fits in your suitcase for travel.
These cute styles  and lots of other Maltese supplies can be found at
These We use these Water Bottle adapters which fit a  Smart water bottle -They  do not leak we attached to a long necked plastic Smart Water  bottle offering fresh  clean drinking water anywhere. . They can be ordered from  
Pin Brush
Slicker Brush 
Eye Wipes
Eye Care
Shampoo for White coats
Soft squeeky Toys
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Sturdi  Products-
The very best soft sided Designer Bags for airline travel with your Malteses in Cabin.
Click here to go to their web site 
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New Puppy supplies 
 Iris Puppy Pen 
24 inches high by 36 long with a door